Voice Search Impacting SEO



How voice search devices like Google Home impact SEO

With the reach of the Internet of Things extending every day, homes are already becoming smarter.

And that has paved the way for voice-activated digital assistants like Google Home and other smart speakers, which can find information, turn on appliances and activate media.

This is a whole new world for searching on the internet and presents new questions and challenges for content producers.

So how do you ensure your content reaches the top of the pile on voice-activated devices?


Adopting a narrow focus

The good news, for the short term anyway, is that only two search categories on Google Home have opportunities for SEO.

So for those in the finance, nutrition, sports and travel industries – you can check out now. SEO is not yet available for these categories on digital assistants.

Many of the other other categories have little impact on business, including traffic, weather, music, alarm, games and home assistant functions.

The two categories that you should most be concerned with are ‘facts and info’ and ‘local guide’, which do have SEO functionality built into them.



How to tap into these SEO categories

When you factor both mobile devices and digital assistants together, 20 per cent of all searches today are made using voice.

Most of these searches are basic, like ‘how do I get here?’ or ‘play this song’.

But as this technology is in its infancy, it can be pretty easy to stump digital assistants. That is where businesses can tap into this new world, by finding the gaps and filling them.

One of the key things to remember is that these devices look for answers, not search results. But a No.1 ranking is still required for it to be able to give an answer.

Think about weaving answers, rather than standard SEO terms, into your content. Get a digital assistant and ask it questions about your business – a LOT of questions.

Find those gaps, build those answers into your SEO and all of a sudden, your content is at the top of the tree for new world devices.




 Rakhal Ebeli




Header image credit: Rucksack Magazine