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How to write banging blog titles

When it comes to creating content, the first handful of words mean the most.

The title you use is the magnet to lure in readers through social media, Google searches and on your webpage.

The art of headline writing is a skill unto its own, such a small collection of words can do such powerful things.

So what should you be looking at when you are crafting your next blog title?


Don’t get too cute

Punwork, buzz words and pop culture references are great devices, but learn to walk before you run.

The objective of your title is always to be as clear as possible, and to give a basic summary of your blog in one sentence.

Yes, there is clickbait, but that is not an area we are going to dive into today.

With most web building platforms, your blog title is also going to be your SEO title – so make sure the key points and words are all in there.

These are the most critical points before you move on to being clever with the wording.


Know your audience

It can be easy to see headlines that work for others on social media and be tempted to follow suit.

But approach with caution, as you want to lure in the right audience for your work.

Know your demographic, what their likes and dislikes are and use appropriate wording.


Start with a simple formula

You want to make sure all the blocks are in place before you begin to play with the wording.

All titles should include the how, why and what of the blog as well as a promise or call to action.

For example, if you have written a blog on the rules of cricket, you could use a title like: “How to understand cricket and impress your friends”.


OK, maybe a little clickbait

Another trick is to infuse a little mystery into your title. But be warned, blatant deception is like the wolf in sheep’s clothing in content-land.

How many times have you clicked on an article only to find the content is nothing like the title promised? Bet you never clicked another article from that publisher.

Offer some mystery, a reason to click further. But ensure that curiousity is sated by the reader when they arrive at your blog.




 Rakhal Ebeli




Header image credit: Karim Ghantous