Is A Photo Worth a Thousand Words?



The power of pictures and video in digital marketing

Content marketing is built around engagement.

While industry specific blogs, value-add articles and informative and educational content remains king, the power of images and videos cannot be ignored.

As of July this year, there were 9 million monthly active Australian users on Instagram – putting the social platform well ahead of others like Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress.

Facebook’s ‘Live’ video option is not new, but has taken time to warm up and find its place in the social media universe. And both of these platforms are key ways to enhance your digital marketing.




Going Live on Facebook

For the unitiated, Facebook Live is an option where you can stream video immediately to your audience.

And the data is showing that it works, with viewers 10 times more likely to engage with this content than other types of posts.

Research has shown that 64 per cent of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it, which gives this option on Facebook enormous marketing power.



Instagram’s influence is rising

Once considered the domain of dinner time snaps and health blogger motivational posts, Instagram is growing up.

Not just in terms of the volume of people using it, but how they are using it.

Engagement on Instagram posts is 45 per cent higher than Facebook and 40 per cent greater than Twitter.

But that doesn’t mean you should bring in the professionals, Instagram is built on organic content.

Research has shown that 77 per cent of users are more convinced by user-generated images, which means you can use your own audience to market your product.




Is A Photo Worth a Thousand Words?




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