Keeping up with the millennials

They make up exactly half of the workforce, they are tech savvy, forward thinking and more often than not, cashed up.

They are the millennials, the generation borne of social media and smartphones.

So when developing social media content, what are the tips, tricks and traps in relation to catching the attention of millennials, the most important market of the modern world?

The first thing to remember is that millennials are borderline addicted to ‘like’ farming. They are omnipresent on Facebook and Instagram (which has bloated to 600 million users).

A trick to remember is that you are not necessarily trying to generate social media content that will attract their interest, but a post that will attract the interest of their audience.

Most millennials are not conned by clickbait, despise traditional advertising and are too savvy for blatant click-through marketing. What does pique their interest is being first, trendy, fashionable and breaking the mould.

By crafting social media content that is begging to be shared, you will have captured the interest of the millennial for a few seconds at least. Always remember to ask yourself, would I want to share this with my audience?

Choosing your poison is important as well because Facebook and Twitter can be so passé for some millennials. While this generation swarms over all digital communities, it is the newer, fresher platforms like Instagram and Snapchat that are king.

And on the topic of platforms, ensure your website is M capable. Most millennials will be digesting their information in the palm of their hand and a clunky, slow-loading or, worse, non-mobile phone compliant website will snap the engagement immediately.

Developing your voice is crucial as well because millennials do not trust companies and corporations. Having a business talk at them on social media becomes white noise and your hard work is very likely to go unnoticed.

The best strategy here is to hand the microphone back to the people, invite smart, skilled young people to write/speak/sing for you. By extending the warm hand of friendship through a contemporary, you are much more likely to develop a digital rapport than if your posts were company or business based.

Remember, millennials are not a production line of well-dressed young people carrying a swag full of tech. Like any section of society, there are subsections, niches, cliques. Strategise exactly who it is you want to target and hone in on that audience.

Trying to create an umbrella that shelters all millennials is doomed to failure, as generalising means you are not creating any real connection and your content will be drowned out.

And, finally, always remember your post is a conversation starter, not an authoritative voice. Large companies like 711, KFC and Dominos have forged a flourishing bond between their brands and their consumers by standing ready to respond.

Have someone who is savvy about your content, but also full of charm and swag stationed at the keyboard. Millennials love a two-way dialogue and if that link can be established, a healthy percentage of them will pledge loyalty to you and your content moving forward.