LinkedIn Video .. Who Should Be Creating It ..



We’ve recently seen the implementation of video to LinkedIn and we are loving it!

After running some beta-testing with certain users for give or take about two weeks, video was then available to all users who updated their LinkedIn apps. I’m sure you’ve seen it pop up on your feed. Like with all new features and exciting new ways to communicate with our network and audience; comes the discovery that not everyone is destined for—LinkedIn video.



According to , the idea of video is “…to let users highlight their professional work: projects that have been finished or are in progress; product demonstrations; and other work-related videos that highlight what you do.” The main takeaway for video content on LinkedIn is not to tell us about how your day went or to show us what coffee you’re drinking, but to keep it professional. Whether it’s a two-minute rapid fire Q&A with a guest, or a lesson you’ve learned in your career. The audience are wanting to gain business insight from these videos, so give them what they want.

To kick-start your LinkedIn video content, the team over at Forbes have written about a three-step process to how you can “crush it” with your LinkedIn videos.

  1. Connect
  2. Inspire
  3. Cut

In summary, people want to see your personality come through the video rather than you sounding like some robot that is just reading off prompt cards. Try and inspire people, your message may have been heard by some, but not all; and getting through to those new people is where you can find you have the most impact. Lastly, there’s no need to make a 10 minute in-depth video that goes off on tangents, keep it short and simple, so your message is easily absorbed by your audience.

If you’re still at a bit of a loss as to where to get started, this ‘How To’ guide by LINKFLUENCER will allow you to get insights into everything you need to know about creating, shooting and sharing your videos.




Katherine Auchterlonie