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Tony Lee started working at The Variable in July 2014 and has worked on national brands like Soffe and local brands like Lowes Foods. Prior to then, he was the at Marketing and PR Lead at Atlas Wearables, a tech startup that raised $629,019 via crowdfunding that has two employees in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list.

As a social media consultant, Lee’s clients included a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, a Hollywood celebrity, and a fitness professional. Facebook pages he consulted on reached an average of 35 percent of its audience per post, despite industry average being 1 to 5 percent due to his understanding of Facebook’s algorithm and EdgeRank. Lee’s passion for social media started in college, where it led him to innovate ideas like using Twitter to obtain an exclusive interview from Platinum-recording artist Mike Posner via “The Intrepid,” a social-media based newspaper he created that was featured on “USA TODAY College.”

In this show you’ll learn:

What drives viral content.

Why you must allocate a distribution budget if you want high engagement.

How brands can tell their story using social media marketing & public relations.

Why marketers need to be more well-rounded.

What Twitter can do for you business.

Tony’s Top Marketing, Social Media & PR Tips:


Takeaway Tips

1.     Start Within First

2.     Marketing Isn’t Linear, so Don’t Be A Sheep

3.     Define Your Goals. Then Redefine It. Then Redefine It.

4.     Put Consumers First, Then Your Goals

5.     Unless You Pay For It, Marketing Takes A Long Time

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