My changing life as a writer

As they say, when one door closes another opens and so it has always been in my life as a financial journalist and editor.

Because I’ve been in the game for well over 25 years, I have worked for a range of publishing groups and have also enjoyed some stretches as a freelancer.

The first time I went on my own, I had just had a baby. The next time, I’d left my job as the editor of a superannuation magazine, planning to find another in the New Year. But then, freelance work just started rolling in. Choice of super funds was about to take off and I guess I was at the right place at the right time.

Somehow, I drifted back into an editing job. In 2014, however, I got “the seven-year itch” and began hankering for the freedom and flexibility of life as a freelancer. I think I surprised quite a few people by taking the dive without much planning.

Of course, things had changed.

It’s a lot tougher out there these days. The economy has been sluggish, print is faltering, budgets have been cut and newspaper and magazine advertising revenue is falling.

I’ve been lucky to gain back some old clients as well as some new ones, but luckier still to have discovered two new words I hadn’t heard of a few years back: content marketing.

As the world wide web spread, as print struggled and as consumers gained the ability to fast forward through their TV adverts, marketers have had to find new ways to reach their target customers. A lot of this revolves around relevant and high-quality content that does well in online searches – a writer’s dream if you can get the work.

One way is through companies like Newsmodo.

I’d never heard of Newsmodo until a friend suggested I join it about a year ago. So I went on its website and registered, pitched for an article and pressed enter, sending the message out of my mind and into cyberspace.

Out of the blue, I received my first brief to write on a topic I really enjoy; financial tips for customers of one of the smaller banks. More briefs followed and I was soon putting my skills to use writing on topics as diverse as payment trends for retailers, loans for small businesses, investing in blue chips, new top-level domains and funds management.

Although I have focused on the financial and business side, Newsmodo publishes a wide range of briefs looking for articles on travel, general interest and crime topics, to mention just a few. You can also pitch your own story ideas as it has a range of news outlets on the lookout for these.

Working with Newsmodo provides me with one of the most important things I was looking for when I decided to go freelance again: variety in both subject matter and clients. And I don’t have to go around knocking on doors I might never have thought of.

Could I survive on the work I’ve received from Newsmodo? Certainly not at this stage, but it’s a great way to supplement the other work I get.