Newsjacking – A content marketing masterclass

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined by the founder of TBC Global, Jon Burkhart. Jon is a regular speaker at SXSW Interactive where he also acts as an advisor. He co-authored ‘Newsjacking: The Urgent Genius of Real-Time Advertising’, ‘ Hacker Maker Teacher Thief’ and yet to be released ‘Truly Ballsy Content’.

We talk to Jon about the concept of ‘Newsjacking’ and how we as content marketers can effectively harness the timeliness of it. Over the years there have been examples of brands reaping great success off the backs of breaking news and events, whilst other times of the harsh realities of it backfiring on the brand.

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Download the episode here

In this episode:

– How your brand can incorporate newsjacking into it’s strategy.

– The brands doing it right and the ones……not so much. 

– The importance of knowing when to strike and when to hold back.


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