Newsmodo – A pro writer’s experience

If you’re a professional writer and looking for an interesting gig that pays well, Newsmodo is definitely one of the best places to look. By Paul Wallis. 

There are two basic things this company can provide for writers, and they’re both critical business assets – They have excellent market reach, and market credibility.

If you’re a specialist writer, you’ll find your niche on Newsmodo and if you’re a generalist, does-everything writer like me, you’ll find a lot of opportunities as well.

That said – You need to understand how Newsmodo works to really understand the opportunities they provide:

  1. Newsmodo is a quality content provider. The new best practice in the market for content is to commission materials from professional writers and journalists. This is a natural evolution of the content market in many ways, but it’s also good business.
  2. Content may be king, but beyond the cliché is one pressing need – Top quality content. People simply will not read “content farm” quality content any more. All that cheap outsourcing has come home to roost. People don’t pay for garbage, and top of the line sites, magazines and mainstream media outlets won’t look at it, with good reason.
  3. Buzzfeed is a case in point regarding how the demand for content has gone from any old thing to high value content. That site, which is the epitome of easy-to-browse content, looks like a spontaneous feed of fun and fizziness, but it’s under strict editorial control. They started off as a sort of cute version of Reddit, and went upmarket, fast. They had to do that; in a market where attention spans are a click long, you’re either good or you’re dead.
  4. Newsmodo, which caters to a very demanding clientele that naturally wants (and needs) high quality content, started at that upmarket, only the best point. Positioning itself in a pro publishing market abiding the maxim content quality is king.

For writers, that’s good news. Newsmodo writing credentials mean something. You can build a very good professional portfolio on this site.

The better news, particularly for us ultra-cynical copywriters and long time content producers, is that Newsmodo is very easy to work with. They’re responsive, reasonable, and most importantly, objective. You don’t get vague, vacuous briefs or mindlessly pedantic, nitpicky issues. They’re highly efficient, and they’re an excellent site to work on if you have a broad base of subjects or specialise in a niche.

Your Newsmodo profile is also a good option for self-promotion and a way of showing their clients what you can do. Newsmodo shares your profile with clients to demonstrate the quality you will bring to their project. That’s more than useful for writers, because Newsmodo have a very good relationship with their clientele, and the clients tend to return for more, if they like your content.

Writing for Newsmodo

When you’re writing for Newsmodo, they guide you through the process from the start. You get an editor to work with. For your first job, they’ll fill you in on their style and expectations, and you proceed from there.

They also set up a good working relationship. They provide you with a comprehensive brief and answer your questions clearly, explaining any obscure points.

You’ll see a range of briefs on the Newsmodo site. These are the ‘stories’ or projects in current demand. When you’re on Newsmodo, you’ll get a regular feed of these briefs, and you can go for any of them. You can also pitch your own stories on the Newsmodo site, anything from exclusives to evergreen materials, and set your own price for the editors to take to the client.

Clients buy what they want to buy. Acceptance is based on your content suiting their needs. An exclusive, particularly a high profile exclusive, can definitely be worth a lot, but get advice about pricing for these higher value pieces by communicating with the editors at Newsmodo.

You may find yourself getting high volume jobs, which are real bread and butter gigs and good portfolio value as well. Newsmodo also do smaller jobs where you might be part of a team completing a series of articles for a client. It’s worth remembering that your work for top brands adds considerable value to your profile and will get you more work. 

Another extremely important point about writing for Newsmodo – This isn’t sweatshop writing. You work on sane time frames and without the “normal” publishing  neuroses and nuttiness. You may find yourself working hard, but the working conditions and financial returns are infinitely better. All you need to do is be professional, and you won’t have any problems at all writing for them.

Their back end support is good, too. You get monthly payments and good admin support when you need it. In my case, I made a mistake about my payments, and they fixed it all up for me, despite my own errors, which slowed down the process considerably.

If you’re looking for a good writing gig with unlimited upside, check out Newsmodo. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.


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