The purpose of brand storytelling

On the Brand Storytelling podcast, we are joined professional brand storyteller, Park Howell. Park is the host of the popular podcast, Business of Story and is the founder of Park&Co, a marketing and advertising agency. 

We discuss with the purpose of brand storytelling and why it is essential for all brands, agencies and organisations (big and small) to tell their story efficiently and effectively. We also talk about the techniques brands can use to establish their credibility as a storyteller to set themselves apart from the competition. 

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In this episode: 

  • Tools and tips for cutting through the noise to get your message heard. 
  • The importance of storytelling in 2017 and beyond. 
  • How your brand can inject storytelling into its messages immediately. 


Brand Storytelling is not about what you make, but what you make happen

The business of story podcast


Why brand storytelling should be the foundation of a growth strategy