Slideshare Strategy For B2B Brands – With Richard Sink

Brand Storytelling 15: Richard Sink Shares SlideShare Strategies To Reach B2B Community

Richard Sink ranks in the top 1% Worldwide of Profiles on #Linkedin & #SlideShare & the Top 50 Social Business #Twitter Accounts. Find out how he uses SlideShare to attract business.

Richard has more than 10-years experience helping people with a strategy that gets them found in today’s networked world. He solves the problem many businesses have, which is not knowing which tools or processes to use or how to utilise them effectively. Richard helps generate demand for businesses via thoughtful, meaningful, time-tested expertise and fresh ideas that are shared by word-of-mouth and enhanced by influencer outreach, organic SEO and earned media that will drive anticipated results.

What you’ll learn:

  • What is Slideshare and how do you use it to grow business?

  • The most popular hashtag on Slideshare.

  • How big of a return can you get from Slideshare.

  • Learn about Slideshare demographics.

  • Why you need to use the search tool in Slideshare.


Key Takeaways

       1.    Search for what others are looking for by using the search field within the program.

2.    Know the numbers: there are 17,000 Powerpoints on content strategy on SlideShare.

3.    There are 6,800 users presenting on content strategy.

4.    Your brand must look at what it can own from a digital aspect: videos, white papers, Youtube videos which can all be included in Slideshare by embedding and/or linking to content.

5.    Have strong call-to-action

6.    Keep your content consistent

7.    You can create content right in Slideshare

8.    SlideShare is considered the YouTube for presentations.



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