Ross Quintana: Building Your Tribe For Successful Brand Storytelling

This week on our podcast, learn what differentiates a tribe from a customer base. Find out the key reasons that brands build tribes, and how your brand storytelling content can help  your tribe grow.

Ross Quintana is the founder of Social Magnets, a company that specialises in consulting, marketing, social media, and SEO. He is a Change agent – he implements change to make things better. He helps brands grow, develop a unique perspective and dominate in a competitive business environment. He likes to say: “Show me a project and I’ll show you how to make it better.”

The secret source of tribes and that concept of tribes versus, say an audience or a customer base as it could be more sterilely said, is the fact that there is something else that connects you in a tribe.

— Ross Quintana


What You’ll Learn

  • What a tribe is and why your brand should create a tribe.

  • The importance of tribe building and how to do it.

  • How to talk to your customer instead of broadcasting to the masses.

  • How to build brand loyalty through relationships and storytelling. 

  • The “Bullets2Bandages” case study and what you can learn from it.

  • How to create partners and use cause-oriented marketing to grow tribes and gain exposure.



Key Takeaways

1. Carve out your goal. Don’t be a generic product or service.

2. Be clear about who you are and who your audience is. 

3. Discover your audience’s interests.

4. Find out where your audience is.

5. Tailor a story that communicates to your target audience and makes them compelled to take part.

6. Don’t talk about yourself. Focus your content on your audience and their needs.

7. Curate content based on your audience’s interest. Share information that’s valuable to that key audience.

8. Combine your storytelling with cause-oriented marketing. 

9. You must be authentic and form partnerships that have the right audiences that already exist.


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