Sports Marketing and Connecting With Fans – With Sean Callanan

Sean Callanan is the ultimate sports fan and founder of his company, Sports Geek. He teaches sports brands how to connect with fans and gain exposure by becoming content publishers. Listen, and learn the successful formula for digital sports marketing.

Through the Sports Geek Podcast Sean Callanan collaborates with people around the world on sports business and sports digital  ( Listened to in over 50 countries, Sports Geek Podcast is the premier podcast for sports world professionals. Sean has interviewed guests from NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, AFL & NRL. These guests include billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, Arsenal’s Richard Clarke, Boston Celtics Peter Stringer & LA Kings Dewayne Hankins.

What You’ll Learn

  • How sports and technology are marrying together and creating sports team content publishers.

  • What makes sports publishing resonate with fans.

  • Find out what Arsenal Australia did to create a global following and a good ROI that drives traffic to it’s Website.

  • How to implement user-generated content that’s fuelled by emotion.

  • Which platforms you should use and how much effort should you put into them.

  • How Snapchat can help your brand.



Here is the case study referred to in the Podcast:



Key Takeaways

  1. You must build a strong media company and persona for your brand.

  2. Video can help spread the word faster and be used instead of a simple press release to get information to bloggers and the traditional media.

  3. Have a goal, and know why you want to be on a particular social media platform.

  4. You must make a commitment to the social platform and produce regular content to grow a following.

  5. It can take six weeks or more before engagement is seen.

  6. Listen to your fans and the data that is associated with the content.

  7. Define your target audience and be sure that your content plan speaks to that audience.

  8. You must produce content that resonates with all of your fans not just your “super fans”.

  9. Be social. Take the time to engage with your fans to create brand ambassadors and a “digital cheer squad”.

  10. Give your content personality by featuring players from the sports club.



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