The Biggest Social Media Challenges and How to Conquer Them – With with Robert M. Caruso

Learn how to schedule and automate posts across multiple platforms. This episode teaches you the tricks that the big companies use to curate and distribute content using social media platforms.

Robert M. Caruso is an experienced technology startup founder with numerous patents on internet technologies.  He is the co-founder of Bundlepost, a social media content management and marketing application. Robert is recognized as a long time social media professional with specific experience and expertise in social media strategy, content and agencies, and is named on Forbes Worlds Top 40 Social Media Marketing Talents.

What Youll Learn

  • How to source and automate your social media to multiple platforms.
  • Why you need a platform that schedules, curates content, organises hashtags, and shares your content to be successful at social media.
  • How to track what youre sharing.
  • The types of things you should consider for tweet content to be more social.
  • The biggest challenge that is growing and how to combat it.

 Key Takeaways

1.    An educational company saw a 65% increase after four months on Facebook and a 263% increase in traffic coming from Twitter using the Bundlepost platform.

2.    Graphics and images will play a bigger role in effective social media management.

3.    Use visuals on social media platforms: 77% of tweets that had an image resulted in greater social engagement.

4.    The first hour of a tweet is vital but more engagement is found when graphics and hashtags are properly used. The longevity of the tweet has greater staying power.

5.    The smaller your community is the more important a curation strategy is to grow your audience.

6.    Curate content and editorialise it when you share it.

7.    Be consistent. Respond and engage with other people.

8.    Large brands with 30,000 followers must use a hybrid strategy of integrated digital marketing rather than just social media campaigns.

9.    Social is a component of the entire digital process.

10.  You must be creating content to be effective at social media.


Bundlepost Website

Robert Caruso on Twitter @Fondalo