Data is the lifeblood of the information age and by analysing it companies can understand their operations better, drive innovation, and generate more revenue.

Matt Kuperholz is known by his clients as the ‘data whisperer’, some even say he ‘dances with data’.

Mad on technology for as long as he can remember, Matt trained in actuarial science but soon realised his true passion was computer science. Now a data scientist, consultant, company director and Matt has received recognition from the Australian Prime Minister and Chief Scientist as one of 100 knowledge workers shaping the new economy.

Data is an asset, and according to Matt it’s value depends on the insights you derive from it with analytics. The more analytics you apply to identify and solve problems the more the data is worth.

In data, Matt found a way to combine his three best skills: solving problems, practicing high-end mathematics and working at the highest level of what computers can achieve.

Starting out as an analyst in 1995 when actuarial consulting firm, Towers Perrin sponsored his University course, Matt earned promotions to senior analyst and then became a consultant until 2001.

This was the launch of a 20 year career where Matt has become one of the most sought after data analytics experts in Australia. Throughout his career he has specialised in data mining and analysis, financial and actuarial analysis, programming, management, presentation and sales.

After Towers Perrin he consulted for Raptor International, directed a boutique web and technology consulting firm, and in 2005 started his own consultancy where he utilises his expertise in the application of artificial intelligence technologies.

With such a distinguished career it was not long before top-tier companies knocked on his door. In 2006 he started as a Principal at Deloitte where he worked with the forensic technology division to develop the internationally acclaimed, Analytic Insights practice. This success earned him partnership at Deloitte where his great work continued for another 2 years, up to 2013.

Then in February of 2014, he joined PwC as Partner and Chief Data Scientist, where he remains today.  

Not content to do just one job, Matt continues to consult with Matt Kuperholz Consultancy, is a Director of SOS guard, and is on the Wisdom Council for The Hub Melbourne.

From 2008 to 2011, Matt sat on the board for Karma Currency foundation, a gift card based non-profit that seeks to energise charitable giving in Australia.

To cap it all, Matt is now making a name for himself as a speaker and sharing his knowledge with like-minded industry professionals. He speaks on various topics that help large companies improve their marketing functions, how to use leading edge analytical techniques and the how to achieve a win-win with data for marketers and customers.

Matt says data is a fantastic thing to be mining, because everything else we are mining is running out, while data stocks are only increasing.

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