How to start building your personal brand

How does a personal brand help your business grow? Developing a strong brand is essential to a successful career and establishing yourself as a leader. We talk to Helen Ahrens about her role at Good Things Marketing and how she has built her personal brand.

Listen to the show below and hear Helen’s tips and tricks for managing a strong personal brand:

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Rakhal Ebeli: What are some simple steps that people out there listening can take to actually start getting a digital footprint and reaching new audiences through their own exploration of their personal brand?

Helen Ahrens: The first step is to have a little think about who you are now and where you want to be. Once you have an idea of where you cannot be, then it’s about doing the roadmap on how to get there. Finding people in a similar industry or a similar role or completing similar things that you want to do. Once you’ve identified them, you can have a little look and investigate around what are they doing. Where are they publishing? What does their content look like? How often are they publishing? What boards and committees are they on? Where are they? What are they doing? How can you get there? It’s about just building back the roadmap on how to get there and the roadmap to your success.

They’ve built the roadmap, what next? What tools or tips can they take on board out of this show to start actually actioning that plan?


Once you commit, you need to execute and keep going and keep reviewing…..


To commit and execute. I think a lot of people do a lot of research and go, I want to be like that. But they’re not willing to go, I know how they did that and I’m willing to put the hard work in. I’m willing to really make it happen.

Once you know what you want to do, go twice a week, I’m going to set aside 15 minutes and I’m going to make some of these activities happen. Twice a week, I’m going to work towards building my own personal brand website. Twice a week, I’m going to make sure that I take a photo of something that I’m doing and I publish it on LinkedIn and give some valuable copy with that to my audience as well.

Once you commit, you need to execute and keep going and keep reviewing how you’re going as well, because I think when you are doing it for yourself, by yourself, it can be quite hard. If you perhaps have a mentor and you seek out a mentor and say, Hey, help me build my personal brand. Yours is awesome. I’d love to work with you. They can help keep you accountable and help steer you in the path to the right direction. Otherwise, there’s always an agency support available.

Rakhal: Absolutely. As you mentioned, sometimes mentors or people who are doing what you’re aspiring to can be the best people to learn from. I guess that comes from also observing what avenues or channels they’re pushing their message out from or that they’re communicating or engaging with their audiences.

From your experience working with individuals and brands, what are the trending channels or ways that you can recommend that people out there can start building their personal brand on that will, I guess, accelerate their engagement most quickly?

Helen: Snapchat, hands down. Snapchat is the way of the future. Followed by LinkedIn For Professionals as well. I think Snapchat is a nice easy medium and videos always going to perform well. Most people know that video is going to be the content of choice.

If you can have a little play with Snapchat on a closed contact list. See how you go. Follow some leaders who are doing really great things. Gary V. (Vaynerchuk), of course, is one of those wonderful ones that’s quite confident talking to the camera.

Have a little play on Snapchat and ask your close friends to give you [a] bit of a critique, bit of a review. Look up an app, see what other people are doing. I think LinkedIn as well for professionals, for our space and our industry is always going to be coming back to LinkedIn for the more professional contacts, networking, and personal brand building.

Helen Ahens is the Creative Director at Good Things Marketing with a passion for digital marketing and personal branding.