4 Critical Steps For Creating A Successful Brand Newsroom

By Melissa Kitson @mnkitson

Brand newsrooms are transforming the publishing industry, creating a platform for new voices, stories and ideas. This new concept for creating content is quickly changing how audiences engage with brands and marketers, developing relationships built on trust and reciprocity.

But while a newsroom can greatly improve brand credibility, there are some important points to remember in creating a successful brand newsroom.

Develop one voice – not one room

There is a common misconception that a newsroom is a centralised office. A brand newsroom is not a physical space; it is a connected space. Some of the most successful newsrooms are virtual, built on the talent of freelance writers, editors and videographers. What’s important is that the organisation shares the same vision not the same space. Creating a strong, unified voice and style consistency is the first step to making impact.

Invest in talent

Great stories are told by great writers. A brand that wants to ensure their content does not get lost in the digital abyss needs to invest in talented writing professionals. An experienced storyteller will know how to capture the imagination of the target audience while remaining true to a brand’s key messages. Don’t invest in one writer to cover all topics. Engage the best journalists for each project via Newsmodo.

Put quality before quantity

High volume content has little effect if it does not add value. If brands are to gain traction, it is important for them to invest in quality over quantity. Over time, this investment will create a more engaged and loyal readership. It may requires patience but ultimately, a slow and rigorous journey to produce quality content will deliver far greater results than a campaign to inundate a reader with substandard work.


A successful brand newsroom needs to be nimble. Having a flexible approach that responds to audience interests, without losing focus, will ensure content remains relevant and news worthy. By measuring and monitoring the performance of content, a brand will learn when to adapt and change tact.