Storytelling Over Time



How socially ‘aware do you think you are’? Have you ever studied your own emotional intelligence? Nowadays, the way we represent ourselves and our brands in public can be so much more complicated than days gone by. The acceleration of social media and the proliferation of platforms has meant that we as marketers need to be playing by a whole new set of rules for engagement.


According to Entrepreneur there are 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing – Listening, Focus, Quality, Patience, Compounding, Influencer, Value, Acknowledgement, Accessibility and Reciprocity. That’s quite a list but boy do they make some very good points.


The lists of what-to-do and what-not-to-do are endless… From what’s the best time to post on social media channels, to the best types of content and everything in between – how we manage social to create consistently great engagement as well as be popular can often be a challenge few can overcome.


Our guest today Mandi Bateson knows that content can build an audience, whilst great content will attract the right people to your business, your brand. So how do you create a strategy that will engage your audience and have them become your very own brand ambassadors?


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli discusses how to take advantage of different social media platforms and engage your audience properly, so you’re giving them what they actually want.



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In this episode:

— Strategising your social media marketing plans

— Why trying to gain mass attention may not benefit your brand

— Using content to start conversations with your audience


About the guest:

Mandi Bateson is the Head of Social at M&C Saatchi with over 12 years worth of marketing experience and specialises in strategy, training and workshops. She has worked with some impressive brands over the years, and puts her knowledge of social media, digital communication and content strategy and planning into action, every day. 

To keep up-to-date with her happenings and daily musings – follow Mandi on Twitter @DigitalMands



Storytelling Over Time 




Header image credit: Uroš Jovičić