Storytelling success tips with Andrew Griffiths

Andrew Griffiths is known for being a bestselling author and a global presenter. Hes written more than a dozen books on solutions for small businesses. His books have been published in more than 60 countries. Andrew teaches that there are three important keys to successresilience, belief, and determination. Master these and everything changes.


In this show youll learn:

Why you must tell your own personal story.

How you can tell a story about any product/service.

What are the best avenues to tell stories.

How to improve your brochures.

How a T-Shirt is creating social engagement and social media attention for a brand.


Takeaway Tips

1.     Be brave enough to tell your story.

2.     Successful business are transparent and share their story.

3.     Dont get stuck in sharing data; instead find stories that matter to your consumers.

4.     Look for stories that explain the why in your brand?

5.     Be prepared to get it wrong sometimes.

6.     Keep trying. Storytelling is about telling multiple stories to learn which ones resonate with your consumers.

7.     Stories are the essential way to create engagement with consumers and make you standout in the marketplace.

8.     Use journalists to help you generate story ideas.

9.     Use engagement metrics to prove ROI.


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