Content that will emotionally connect with your audience – With Simon Crerar, Buzzfeed Australia

Simon Crerar is BuzzFeed’s Australia Editor. He leads an expanding editorial team dedicated to growing the social news and entertainment company’s Australian audience with viral content by and for Australians. Prior to BuzzFeed he worked at The Times and Sunday Times in London and at News Corp Australia. Simon’s has interviewed Hollywood A-listers, covered live a Category 5 cyclone and reported from maximum security prisons in Bangkok and Moscow. Born and raised in Edinburgh, he is the proud owner of tweeting Jack Russell Terriers @LeoandClancy.


In this show you’ll learn:

How BuzzFeed is connecting with its audiences.

What motivates consumers to share content.

How to frame your content to emotionally move them.


Takeaway Tips

1.     Consumers are motivated to share content by how it makes them feel.

2.     Mobile consumption is critical to millennials.

3.     Identity-based content can attract consumers and encourage them to share it.

4.     Nostalgia content triggers reader/viewer sharing.

5.     Make technology a priority in your business to enable your staff.

6.     Collect and analyze data.

7.     Stay nimble, evolve, and be prepared to change.

8.     Create stories about people triumphing over tragedy.

9.     Listen to the feedback from your audience.

10.  Learn lessons from your feedback and keep trying different styles of digital content and apply the changes to be successful.


BuzzFeed, Australia