The biggest challenges in content marketing (and how to solve them)

On the Brand Storytelling podcast this week, we chat with the CEO of the Marketing Insider Group, Michael Brenner. We talk about the biggest challenges facing content marketers and the techniques we can use to solve them.

We also touch on Michael’s experience at Content Marketing World 2016 and his predictions for the industry in 2017.

The Marketing Insider Group help companies of all sizes reach, engage and convert new customers with an effective content marketing strategy.

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Preview of the show:

Rakhal Ebeli: When you plan out your content strategy or you’re looking to engage a new client for the first time what’s a step by step guide for our listeners out there who might be getting into this stuff for the first time around? How they should start to really simply map out their own approach.

Michael Brenner: We laid this out in the book and essentially I think there’s three key steps and the first one is building the business case and getting executive … you mentioned patience. Require some patience. You need to first almost sell in the idea of content marketing as something counter to the typical campaign approach that we’ve taken in the past. Building that business case, getting that executive approval and patience to not have to show immediate results immediately overnight like a campaign might I think is really important. The second thing and I mentioned this as one of the key challenges is finding the budget. 

I always point out that content marketing brands that are really successful are spending 1% or less than their advertising budget on content marketing. This is not a million dollar get an agency involved and 50 people and whole brainstorming sessions. It’s really just about building an editorial machine and it doesn’t require the kinds of investment that a major sporting event, TV commercial might require or putting your logo, your company’s logo on a world famous golfer’s hat. It’s not that level of investment. Getting that budget set aside is really super important.

Then I think committing to measuring and optimizing and accepting that you’re going to fail and be wrong 80% of the time but that 20% where you’re right are going to produce … The 80/20 rule is going to produce all those results that your executives are going to want to see. Those are the three steps I think, is building a business case, finding that budget, getting commitment and then just accepting that you’re experiment to learn and optimize as you go. 


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