The Power of Storytelling



Media technologies have come a long way since cave paintings, and even though the way we tell stories have changed many times over, the key to a good story is pretty much the same. Engage, excite, educate. Stories are authentic human experiences, so our brains respond to content by “connecting” with the story to make sense of the experience.


With the growth of technological capabilities; software, programs and apps are becoming increasingly accessible and user-friendly. Everyone has the potential to be a storyteller in their own way nowadays, whether it’s a facebook update or a snapchat, a blog post or a video but does that mean that everyone is actually good at it?


Good storytelling allows us to understand ourselves better and to find a commonality with others. It unites communities, brings people together and can strengthen bonds of those on the receiving end. Organisations, causes, brands and individuals that create and display authentic meaning and purpose that others can believe in, participate in, and share; that’s when storytelling becomes momentous.


So how do we go about creating genuine emotions, presence and behavioural responses through content? Diana Yazidjian has established herself as a front runner for the new-age way of thinking and creating content that helps us bond with our audience; because stories are how we are wired, stories take place in the imagination and to the human brain, imagined experiences are processed the same as real experiences. That is where the power of good storytelling can turn your brand from recognisable, to memorable.


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli discusses how to unlock the power of authentic storytelling that really changes the way people think and feel with the best in the business.



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In this episode:

  • The power of an authentic story
  • How storytelling can can trigger emotion
  • Why emotional connection is so valued


About the guest:

Diana Yazidjian, the Managing Director of DFY Consulting who has over 15 years experience in marketing, technology and strategic storytelling. She speaks at marketing conferences and forums, and has guest blogged at HuffPost and Infopresse. You can participate in one of her full-day workshops to learn from her expertise when it comes to emotional intelligence in storytelling.

To keep up-to-date with her happenings and daily musings – follow Diana on Twitter @dfyconsulting



The Power of Storytelling




Header image credit: Jakob Owens