The Ultimate List: The Best of the Best Brands on Social Media

Need inspiration? Don’t know what content marketing trends to follow? Want to know how the top brands are using social media? 

We’ve created the ultimate best of the best list just for you. Keep reading to find out which brands are making social media work for them, and how you can make it work for you too.



The New York Times

Username: @thenytimes

If you want to learn how to use Snapchat as a storytelling platform, The New York Times account can help.


Username: @hubspotinc

Hubspot is leading the way for B2B brands showing them they can use the platform as both a marketing and recruitment channel.

Taco Bell

Username: @tacobell

Snapchat can be used for more than just behind-the-scenes footage. Taco Bell shows brands they can create quizzes, games and share events to create long-lasting relationships. 




Nike combines style, athleticism and inspiration quotes that not only inspire their followers but encourages them to take action.


This brand knows how to take the mundane and make it newsworthy, all you need to do is add humour.  


Oreo show’s how important it is to build a strong content strategy. It’s not enough to just talk about the product anymore. 




This brand shows even the most intellectual of industries can create content that speaks to people on a ‘human’ level.

National Geographic

Pictures are powerful engagement tools but so are catchy headings that leave you wanting more. National Geographic uses titles to drive traffic to their website.

Pizza Hut

Social media is all about two-way conversations. Pizza Hut knows how to talk with their customers and encourage meaningful feedback. 



Old Spice

The Old Spice brand commercials are even more famous than the product highlighting the power of tapping into pop culture.


Salesforce understands giving away free information won’t harm your brand, instead, it gives your customers a reason to keep coming back.


This brand knows what its customers’ problems are – buying unique gifts – and sets out to solve them.