The Mumbrella Story – With Tim Burrowes

Founder of Mumbrella, Tim Burrowes, talks about the need to properly compensate journalists for content creation. Plus how he started Mumbrella and tips on creating branded content.

Tim Burrowes is an award-winning journalist, publisher and business owner based in Sydney, Australia specialising in the media and marketing industry, including publishing, conferences, awards and training. He is part-owner of Focal Attractions. Founder of Mumbrella, Mumbrella360 and the Mumbrella Awards.


What You’ll Learn

  • How Tim founded Mumbrella.
  • What is advocacy journalism?
  • How email is helping promote Mumbrella.
  • Hype or fad? Will brands pull back from content marketing?
  • How much should freelance journalists be compensated?
  • How to begin a content marketing strategy and integrate it into your company.

Key Takeaways

  1. Content marketing builds your community.

  2. Bluenotes ANZ is a good example of a brand newsroom. (Episode 4).

  3. Know your audience and know that it is often different from where the advertising dollars are coming from.

  4. Make high quality content.

  5. Understand what brand storytelling is and what it isnt.

  6. Be prepared to say no to advertorial content if it doesnt serve your audience.



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