6 Ways Podcasting Can Change Your Life

Podcaster, Tim Reid of the Small Business Big Marketing Show shares his story about getting started and how it’s created a new business model for him. Plus learn how you can start a podcast today & the one thing you shouldn’t do at the start.

Tim Reid is the founder and host of Australias #1 marketing podcast The Small Business Big Marketing Show in which he shares his own marketing wisdom as well as interviews other successful small business owners from around the world. In to its 5th year, his show has a global audience of motivated business owners numbering in the tens of thousands, and is downloaded in 110 countries! He is also a successful small business owner in his own right.  By practising what he preaches and creating valuable content, Tim ranks #1 on Google Australia for the key search phrase small business marketing. 

What Youll Learn In This Episode

  • Why you should consider a podcast as part of your marketing plan.
  • How to start a podcast.
  • Hear Tims story about podcasting and where he began.
  • Find out how a podcast can accelerate your career and your personal brand.
  • How to grow your podcast audience.
  • Why you shouldnt look at your podcast stats.

Key Take Aways

  1. 39 million Americans listen to podcasts.
  2. Podcasting can launch your speaking career.
  3. Focus on creating content. Outsource the job tasks: the technical side.
  4. You dont need a fancy radio studio: you can record anywhere.
  5. Podcast recording process & software: Macbook Pro, Blue Yeti.
  6. Treat each social media platform differently. Create content that is unique for each networking site.

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