Why you should be using LinkedIn as a marketing tool

Using LinkedIn as a marketing tool.. not just an extended resume

When it comes to social media, LinkedIn can sometimes be the forgotten child.

It is a handy networking tool for professionals, as well as a great platform for employers to screen prospective employees.

But there are LinkedIn users reaping in thousands of clicks and raising their profile dramatically.

The key to this engagement? LinkedIn Marketing Solutions Managing Director and Head of Enterprise APAC Matt Tindale says it all comes down to: “great, great articles.”

The 2017 list of top profiles include the likes of; National Australia Bank Chief Marketing Officer Andrew Knott, Qantas EM Group Brand Marketing/CMO Stephanie Tully and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Brand Manager Cavan Brady.

Tindale said all of these users shared great content to lift themselves to the top of the pile.

“They get engaged. They actively use the platform, a lot of them are writing and sharing great content,” he said.

“Secondly, they’re creating their own content. They’re writing long form posts, anywhere from a couple of hundred words to longer, and they’re great, great articles. They are the voice of the industry.”

LinkedIn is THE marketing tool for business

While Facebook and its little brother Twitter dominate the social media world in the private sector, there is little doubt that LinkedIn rules the roost in the business world.

According to LinkedIn 80 per cent of B2B marketing leads sourced from social media platform come from their platform.

And this greater exposure comes at a much greater cost, with LinkedIn reporting that their sponsored content is 28 per cent cheaper than Google Adwords.

Content is the key to this engagement, which proves that this platform is one that can’t be ignored when it comes to business marketing.