Viral content and why it works


In this latest episode of the Brand Storytelling podcast, we discuss the ‘magic bullet’ of video marketing that unfolds when clips go viral. With video accounting for 74% of all online traffic; and more than half of us watching at least one video clip a day, it’s no wonder that the impact video can have on brands, both positive and negative, can be long-lasting and far-reaching.


We are joined by Jonathan Creek who investigates and researches the science behind the human brain, and why we feel the need to share and re-purpose this content over and over again.


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli discusses the formula known as the ‘spread factor’ which is based on basic human instincts and how we can understand the effect is has on all of us; using these key takeaways to maximise our content creation in the hopes of reaching the largest audience possible through viral pathways.



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In this episode:

– Why viral content is so ‘addictive’ to watch and share

– Rules of video engagement

– Creating content that will promote itself


About the guest:

Jonathan Creek has a decade long career in TV reporting and for the last 7 years has become the leading man in understand viral content and how to harness it’s attractive nature to your audience. To keep up-to-date with his happenings and daily musings – follow him on Twitter @JonathanCreek