What is the Answer to Successful Marketing?




Have you ever been a part of something that unexpectedly fell apart? A project, a company or a relationship that one day, you’re all apples.. And the next, it’s curtains?


During times that really push us to the edge, that challenge is to find another level of strength and make us go way out of our comfort zone… where do you fall back back on? For some, it’s religion and our beliefs, perhaps it’s family and friends… In business, we tend to go back to basics and work from the ground back up until we rise from the ashes.


What’s important is that from day one… before we get big, before we get successful and before we potentially fall… there’s a structure in place. In content marketing, we call it a strategy. A strategy that aligns business objectives, our audience, our channels, and our content output; and not just a set of instructions that are used like an ikea guide… used once and thrown away, but a living, breathing guide… a shepherd to steer us through the dark times and a beacon to follow.


Today’s guest is one of the best content marketing strategists on the planet. Formerly the head of strategy at King Content, Phil Brown says “The shift from analogue to digital caused a ridiculous quantity of new channels for us marketers, and it is impossible for us to keep up with all of them… So don’t. Transform your marketing and your business by getting the critical basics right. Be simple. But be smart about it.”


Newsmodo CEO Rakhal Ebeli talks dialling it back and focusing on what’s important. What is most important to your company? Your brand? Your customers? By focusing on 2, 3, or even 4 things instead of 10 or 20 we can really hone in and perfect what matters most.



In this episode

  • Content strategy – what is it and what isn’t it
  • The slump in content marketing
  • How having a solid strategy can kick-start the execution of the content


About the guest

An award winning content marketer, Phil Brown is one of the best content strategists around. Formerly the Head of Strategy at King Content – he’s now consulting to businesses around Australia, working his content magic.

Phil is passionate and vocal about the state of content marketing and marketing in general, you can keep up-to-date by following him on Linkedin.



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 What is the Answer to Successful Marketing?




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