Reports of the death of email have been greatly exaggerated, it seems. Because the ‘old school’ way of marketing is making a roaring comeback, largely because social media platforms keep shifting the goalposts.



When pages like Facebook, YouTube and the rest started to take over the internet, the poor old email was left behind. The sparkle and immediate engagement was too appealing for most companies to resist, and content was funnelled through these channels instead.

But we are now seeing a shift back towards email newsletters as these companies grow frustrated of changing algorithms that disrupt the reach to their audience.


Go old school with your marketing. Well, maybe not this old school. But you get the drift.


In 2014, Buzzfeed decided to take this route and got 1 million email subscribers. Campaign Monitor reports that this growth is continuing at about 1 million new subscribers each year and that the news outlet is enjoying a 20 per cent increase in web traffic each month.

Some of the companies adopting this delivery method may surprise you as well. Like Airbnb, for example.  



This is a company that has made a killer app and is tailor made for the social media world that exists in the palms of people’s hands. But Airbnb has a strong e-newsletter following that devours daily pics of some of the finest accommodation available.

It is not just news outlets and companies taking this approach, with celebrities penning e-newsletters for their fans as well. Lena Dunham of Girls fame issues her Lenny Letter through this channel, for example.

So when you are looking to click publish on your content, don’t forget to dust off the old Outlook and consider issuing it through email. This old school method may just create new world results for you.