Why Brand Awareness Can Always Be Improved


Let your audience guide your push for brand awareness

One of the No.1 reasons organisations will turn to content for their web and social media presence is to improve the image of their brand.

But what happens if that perception begins to slide? There can be many reasons why a business brand can become negative in the online world; news articles, political and social trends and scandals can all tarnish your image.

But the main reason audiences will start to turn against a brand is when they begin to feel betrayed, aka when the brand fails to deliver what is promised or breaches values that its consumers hold close to them.

This doesn’t have to be a major incident. Brands like Subway and Woolworths have recently polarised their markets by aligning themselves with social pushes for inclusion and equality, but a hardline stance isn’t the only thing that can turn an audience away.

So how do you know why your consumers are turning away? The answer is simple – you ask them.



Involving your stakeholders.

Amy Laski is the founder of Felicity PR, who shared her views on brand reputation with Newsmodo. Amy said that by involving the stakeholders, asking them questions and responding, brand strength can be quickly built up.

“Measure your reputation and track it regularly, and, slowly but surely, if you’re doing the right things, you’ll begin to see the needle moving in the right direction,” she said.

When you have worked out what your audience wants to hear, the next step is to determine who is best to deliver the message. Once you know your consumber base’s desires, you can start to work with industry experts and social media influencers to telegraph the information.

The key advice is always ask, don’t tell. And while you are crafting your new strategies, it is important to ask your audience for feedback. Your content production will become a two-way relationship, further strengthening your engagement.



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