Why Brands Are Hiring Journalists

by Phoebe Chongchua

It’s a change that’s sweeping the marketing world like wild fire.

Not only are brands carving out budgets for PR & marketing – but they’re also putting journalists on the payroll to create quality branded content.

The fight for audience’s attention is tougher than ever – and this is pushing brands to think more like publishers 

Two examples that highlight the shift towards embedding journalists are: The Dollar Shave Club and Casper, a mattress company that hired Elizabeth Spiers, former editor-in-chief of the New York Observer and founding editor of gawker.com. Brands like these and many more are hiring professional journalists to help create their own newsroom.

Listen to the podcast or see below the top four reasons brands are hiring journalists to create content. 


1) Tight deadlines

On an average day, a journalist may be given an assignment at 8am and expected to hand it in at 10am. A sense of a fast-paced work ethic and ability to get things done, fast, is instilled in journalists from the early days of their career.This is something that non-journalists can struggle with as it is not a natural way to work for everyone. 

2) Research and interviews

Storytelling for brands is made stronger by having source interviews. Every journalist knows the importance of researching and interviewing multiple people to find the best quotes for an article. Often these aren’t directives from the brand but rather the journalist doing the work the way a reporter would–“really dig in and do original reporting,” says Angela.

Finding the best story angle and people to tell that story will create more engaging content and help the brand form relationships with its audience by giving a diversity of voices and reliable information. 

3) Adaptability to brand guidelines

In the age where publishing an article or video to the world, literally takes just a few clicks, hiring a journalist to create that content can be invaluable.

“We’re very adaptable and ready to take on the voice, style, and tone that our clients set. It’s something that we have to do as a journalist; we have to do exactly what our [media] outlet wants and that’s really easy to do for a brand client as well,” says Angela.

4) Multiple skill sets

Many journalists who are print writers are also photographers. Angela says this can really help a brand because a single hire can help create both quality articles and the photography that goes with them.

Other journalists are multimedia brand journalists who can create audio and video content that helps complement the written blog post or article.

Many of the former TV reporters are also available to host your videos, gala events, and Webinars.

But if you’re not used to hiring journalists, this can be challenging. One of the best places to find journalists is through agencies like Newsmodo. The main reason is because they vet the talent pool and offer you the best in the business. It’s also much easier to contact just one agency and have an opportunity to choose from many different journalists who have broad backgrounds in niche market specialties.


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