Why Brands Need Editors

By Melissa Kitson @mnkitson

There’s no such thing as a harmless typo. Unfortunately for publishers, any error be it a typo, a formatting glitch, inconsistent capitalisation or a mismatched pronoun, is never harmless. It says, “We don’t know what we’re doing.” Readers (admittedly, not all) look out for this. They prowl for errors, eagerly awaiting the chance to pounce on a misused semicolon or incorrect contraction and declare their editorial prowess.

Sadly, this is often to the detriment of the content. To ensure content has maximum impact, brands need skilled and professional editors. An editor is crucial to maintaining quality – not only to pick out typos but to protect a brand’s voice, message and story.

As brands look to create their own brand newsrooms, it is vital that they understand the following:

Editors protect investment in quality

Brands that choose to define themselves by the quality of the content they produce need the experience of a professional editorial eye. Falling short of these high standards can have dramatic effects on a brand’s reputation and relationship with their audience. With an editor, a brand has insurance against this risk and greater security that their investment in high quality, well-researched content will achieve the desired result.

Editors connect brands to audiences

An editor looks at more than just typos. They look at how well content meets the brief, captures the client’s voice and engages the target audience A good editor is at once a brand champion and reader advocate. They find the balance between what readers want and what brands want to say.

Content creation is a process

An editor oversees all stages of the content creation process. As content develops, a good editor will look for ways to highlight a brand’s values and message. They filter out the irrelevant, hone in on the important and shape copy so that it best represents what a brand stands for.