Why Consistency Matters



Why Consistency Matters in Content Production

You have just produced some ripping content for your business.

Social media is lighting up, so is your email and phone lines. Life is good, right?

It is important to remember not to get blinded by early success, even traditional content marketing (like newsletters and subscriptions) never relied on one-shot releases for ongoing success.

That is why consistency is the key to content engagement – creating that ripping content on a regular basis.


Consistency leads to credibility

If you want to be an authority in your field, you need to be remembered.

This is no mean feat in a world of smart phones and short attention spans. The trick is to bridge that attention span without resorting to spam.

Remember your awesome content piece? It won’t mean anything if your competition is producing two of an equal standard every week.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to the keyboard, or employing someone who is. There is specific content that can be re-used again and again, which brings us to …




The importance of cornerstone content

These are your hero pieces. The ones that reflect your organisation’s personality, brand and values.

Articles like these occupy prime real estate on your website and they tend to stay there.

These are the pieces you want your prospective audience to read first, so they know what you are all about.

From within, you can link out to all your other content and keep readers on your page and learning about you and your organisation.

The best part is these pieces are often timeless (to a degree), which means they can be rolled out on social media repeatedly to get more bang for your buck.




 Rakhal Ebeli




Header image credit: Veronica Benavides