What content marketing can do for your brand

Our guest is Trevor Young, known as the PR Warrior. A communications expert with extensive experience in public relations. He focuses on helping companies, organisations and individuals to tell their story, grow their audience and build their brand and their business using strategic content marketing and social media communications. Trevor does this through a combination of consulting (via Authority Partners), mentoring, training, speaking and writing. 

In this show you’ll learn

How to know your audience by focusing on your audience “avatar”.

What kind of content you should produce to connect with your target audience.

How to become a publishing brand.

Why you have to hire a brand journalist and how your brand should work with a journalist.

Why editorial content is read more than other content and how brands can make their own.

Archive Files

“Many people didn’t read newspapers, so inventive advertisers and their advertising agencies (which started to crop up in England in the 1800s) found other ways to reach potential consumers, including men wearing placards, banners streaming from hand-held poles, and even umbrellas sporting signs.”

See the file here.

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Takeaway Tips

  1. Humanise your content.
  2. Understand you need to invest in creating content.
  3. Create a budget for amplification of your content. 
  4. Review what isn’t working in your budget and allocate it to content creation and distribution.
  5. Consider audio and podcasting.
  6. Publish with consistency.
  7. Be authentic.
  8. Understand your audience.
  9. Use empathy in your storytelling.
  10. Showcase your company and brand expertise.
  11. Exploring multiple platforms.

Budweiser Brand Journalism Story


“The reason to launch your own content site is not to crow about ourselves but actually you can try to do it if you like, but I can certainly promise you that the audience will vote with their feet and move away.” – Stephanie Losee, Managing Editor, Dell Global Communications.


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