Will robot software make writers redundant?

‘Artificial Intelligence’ is a hot topic on LinkedIn at the moment. Everyone from Richard Branson (Founder of Virgin Group) to Elon Musk (that Tesla guy, SpaceX and SolarCity just to name a few) have had something to say on the issue.

Be it positive or negative, it’s certainly making headlines and getting people talking about where it’s at, how far it has come, and just how far it could possibly go.

And now it seems the world of artificial intelligence isn’t just putting factory workers out of a job, it threatens the livelihood of content writers as well.

TERMINATING BAD COPY: Robots are producing more and more digital content TERMINATING BAD COPY: Robots are producing more and more digital content

If you asked a writer if a computer could do their job a decade ago, they would have laughed. At the time, a few sentences of obvious techno-babble was all a program could produce.

How things have changed. In 2016, Associated Press announced that robot ‘reporters’ would be covering minor league baseball matches┬áin the United States.

The program uses ‘natural language generation’ to produce highly readable match reports, without the need for an actual person to write it.

This kind of software is being rolled out more and more in the business world as well, with programs able to turn reams of data into readable reports.

So what can a content producer to do future-proof against the rise of the machines?

Well there are a number of things humans will always do better than robots, the most important is the fact that we have emotions.

Can these emotions be synthesised? Perhaps to a point, but the key is to ensure your writing is filled with your emotion, your brand, your style.

You want people to be able to read content you have penned without your name on it, and still know it is you.

Insight is critical as well, because machines will always take the lateral and literal approach to producing content.

Unique takes on a topic delivered in an entertaining and colourful fashion is something these bots can never produce.

In fact, these machines have the potential to eliminate the terrible $5-10 jobs littering the internet, leaving the machines to produce the filler and the writers to create the killer content.