Will Your 2015 Content Marketing Strategy Lead You To Success?

By Rachel Kurzyp @rachelkurzyp  

Is your content marketing plan finalised? That’s great if it is, but don’t worry if it is still sitting in draft mode. Your plan should be a living tool that provides direction. If you review and update your well-executed content marketing plan quarterly, it will lead you to success.

What are you waiting for? Get your content marketing plan out and let’s review it.

Is your content marketing plan achievable?

We tend to focus on establishing our goals and spend little time actually considering how to achieve them. This is why by March we are back to business as usual. However, you can avoid this.

Look at your content marketing plan from last year and ask yourself, what did/didn’t I achieve and why?

Consider important factors like:

• Time: Realistic time frames and approval process.

• Resources: Staff capacity and access to software.

• Money: Budget allocation and funding.

• Training: In-house capability, reliance on external support, and on-the-job training.

These factors are the main reasons why we struggle to action our content marketing plans. Use your answers to inform this year’s plan.

Can you maintain your content production schedule?

We spend too much time trying to create “viral” content, when we should be creating content that tells our brand’s story. Focus on sharing your message. Build relationships with your audience and post on a regular basis. If you do these three things you will see results.

Make content production easy and effective:

• Choose 3-5 main brand messages and stick to these.

• Create informative and engaging high quality content that attracts readers, shares and likes.

• Use key dates and events to guide your schedule.

• Match different content formats with different platform strengths. For example: a picture and quote on Facebook and behind the scenes footage on YouTube or Instagram.

Are you getting the most out of your digital platforms?

Don’t let 2015 predictions and hype around new platforms fool you. People don’t change their habits overnight and not all platforms are suitable for every business. Instead, spend time thinking about the platforms you are currently using and how you can improve the way you use them:

Want more sales?

• Use Google Analytics to see what pages have the highest visitation on your website, then add relevant product, service and contact information.

• Refresh your blog content, making sure your product and service benefits are clear and customer focused.

Want more engagement?

• See when your audience is using Facebook and post your content then.

• Ask questions, encourage feedback and start conversations on LinkedIn.

Want more reach?

• Ask your community to share your products on Instagram and Pinterest with their friends and family.

• Find “influencers” (people in your industry who have large audiences) on Twitter. Ask them to review your product and be a brand advocate.