World Business Forum Sydney 2017: The year of the leader

Mahatma Gandhi spoke of a time when leadership meant having muscles, but time changes and a good leader today doesn’t wield power through intimidation, fear, or by force.

At the World Business Forum Sydney 2017, executives at multinationals, business owners, and key decision makers in marketing and sales will gain crucial insights into modern leadership, offered by some of the finest leaders of our generation.

Arianna Huffington sold the Huffington Post to AOL for US$315 million in 2011. She led the news site to a Pulitzer Prize and expansion into 17 editions around the world, it was a business she literally broke bones to see succeed.

Arianna will be speaking on the topic of New Management, what is beyond money and power, how reducing stress boosts productivity, and how ‘leaning back’ makes for wiser leaders.

Daniel Goleman is perhaps the world’s best known authority on Emotional Intelligence. His article, “What makes a Leader” is considered one of the top ten “must -read” articles published in the Harvard Business Review.

At the event, Goleman will take attendees on a journey of self discovery. He’ll examine what leaders need from themselves to achieve high performance and how harnessing the power of self-awareness can lead to better leadership.

Jimmy Wales is not your typical billionaire dotcom entrepreneur, in that he isn’t a billionaire, but he did co-found the 5th most popular website in the world, Wikipedia. Only Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Microsoft get more visitors, and even though commercialising the venture must be tempting, Wales prefers Wikipedia to be a tool for the people.

Wales will unpack the threats and opportunities businesses face in this brave new connected world, and examines the technologies that will form the next wave of business disruption.

Rosabeth Moss Kanter is an eminent expert on leadership for change, strategy and innovation and has received 24 honorary doctoral degrees that prove it. Kanter shot to notoriety with the release of her book, Men and Women of the Corporation, which argued that organisations are at their most productive when employees are empowered to make decisions.

She’ll be offering compelling stories from great companies who are leading the way to better innovations, profits and growth with a social good.

Mohan Sawhney helped us make sense of the online B2B marketplace in the early 2000s, he’s an academic, teacher, consultant, speaker and occasional poet and he’s all about innovation, new media and strategic marketing.

At WOBI Sydney 2017, he’ll examine how business can innovate together focusing on the customer. He’ll demonstrate how we can use our networks, social media and customers for ideas that will help shape our company’s success.

Our next speaker is a hard one to pin down, Randi Zuckerberg runs her own media company, has written books, hosted a radio show, produced children’s TV, spoken at forums and conferences around the world, performed on Broadway and is the lead singer in a band. Oh, and there’s all that work she did for Facebook.

Randi is one of the best speakers on the impact digital is having on every aspect of your business. She’ll also discuss how to align your social strategy with your business strategy and give you the tools to innovate now and into the future.

If you are a marketer, or simply have a passing interest in anything relating to Apple, then you can’t miss hearing from Apple’s former creative director, Ken Segall. Having worked closely with Steve Jobs for many years, Segall learned the secret to Apple’s success was simplicity.

Ken will be unveiling Steve Jobs’ obsession with simplicity to WOBI Sydney and how in a complex world embracing simplicity can lead to great success.

Our next speaker is a highly decorated academic. Ian WIlliamson is the Helen Macpherson Smith Chair of Leadership for Social Impact at the Melbourne Business School, the current Associate Dean of International Relations at MBS and is also the Director of the Asia Pacific Social Impact Leadership Centre. He’s a busy man.

Ian will share his thoughts on the barriers organisations face when responding to external disruption and how good or bad people management can determine the success or failure of your business.

At WOBI 2017 there will also be a Diversity Panel where Melbourne Business School Associate Dean, Jody Evans will lead a discussion with several prominent Australian leaders. The panel will discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion to an organisation’s culture, why organisations have been slow to adapt and benefit from diversity in the face of clear evidence and how to measure the impact of a diverse, inclusive and culturally competent workforce.

On the panel will be NAB’s Chief Customer Officer, Business & Private Banking, Angela Mentis, Executive Director – People, Performance & Culture, Ashley Winnett, and Chief Customer Officer at Australia Post, Christine Corbett.

Wobi 2017 Sydney is set to be the biggest and best since the event came to Sydney in 2014. Are you ready to lead more effectively and meet the challenges of today’s global business environment? You will be after WOBI 2017 Sydney.

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