YouTube Red wants you to have your cake and eat it too

YouTube has just launched its premium YouTube Red subscription service in Australia and is expected to shake up the video-on-demand (VoD) market. The new service is aimed at under 35-year-olds who have been abandoning traditional television. 

Made with mobile and portable devices in mind, YouTube Red gives you what Netflix and Spotify can’t, an all-in-one subscription service that includes an ad-free streaming music service as well as original video programming.

Has YouTube really given us the all-mighty cake of VoD, and can we really eat it too?

Youtube RED
Youtube RED

What is YouTube Red?

It’s a paid monthly subscription service from YouTube that has just been released in Australia and New Zealand. 

Director of YouTube Content and Operations (Asia Pacific), Gautam Anand, said YouTube Red is about:

“Giving you more choice about how you watch YouTube […] Soon, we hope you’ll be watching what you want, when you want, on any device you want, uninterrupted.”

YouTube is offering a free monthly trial, with introductory pricing of A$9.99 per month and A$12.99 for subscription via iOS available until June 6th (so get in quick!).

The standard pricing fees will be A$11.99 per month, or A$14.99 via iOS after that.

Why would I want YouTube Red?


Say goodbye to ads

No longer will you have to sit through pre-roll (before a video) and pop-up ads (banner ads over the videos) about laundry detergent and health insurance.

Save and play later (even without Wi-Fi)

Sick of wasting valuable mobile data on the tram ride to work? Now you won’t have to. You can save videos while on a Wi-Fi connection for offline viewing. It’s also great news for those of us who travel a lot or live in areas with poor mobile service.


Soon, we hope you’ll be watching what you want, when you want, on any device you want.


Yes, finally background play

You can now quickly reply to a text without it interrupting your music. And you can watch YouTube videos even while your device is locked.

Even more original content

YouTube has big plans to create its own content, much like Netflix. It’s already launched an original series and has its own feature films.

Access to the YouTube music app

YouTube is also launching a music app that provides both VoD and music streaming in one place, no more switching between Netflix and Spotify.

Should I purchase the service?

If you want ad-free video, uninterrupted music and exclusive shows all in the one place and accessible across all your devices even without Wi-Fi, then YouTube Red is probably for you. No other streaming platforms are currently offering a one-stop-shop for on-demand content.

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